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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Central Park Art By Ricardo Roig

Inspired by a recent visit to central Park
" Limited Edition of 20 Hand Cut Screen Prints.

Central Park
 30" x 20" 2013 
 Limited Edition of 20 Hand Cut Screen Prints 
 $500 each

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Keep Calm and Get Married In The Queen Elizabeth Garden

The Garden was developed from a plan by English landscape designers Julian and Isabel Bannerman. It combines this park’s footprint with the shape of the British Isles, enclosed by a ribbon of Morayshire sandstone quarried from the highlands of Scotland.

Serving as a living geography lesson, this ribbon of stone is inscribed from north to south with the shires of the British Isles, from Aberdeen to Portland. A large, rounded “Braemar” stone, smoothed over the years by the passage of the Dee River near HM Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire, sits at the south end of the Garden. In the spirit of a cairn, it marks the distance from New York City to Aberdeen.

Here in the Garden , the rich tradition of English gardens meets the urban American landscape. Lynden B. Miller and Ronda M. Brands, of the New York firm Lynden B. Miller Public Garden Design, worked with the Bannermans design to create a park that would endure through all seasons, with plants that capture the spirit of an English garden.

The four evergreen hollies (Ilex x aquipernyi ‘Dragon Lady’), cultivars derived from an English holly parent

Friday, July 19, 2013

How many people can I invite to a Central Park Wedding?

  •  Small gathering of 30 or fewer people;  No  permit needed First come first serve!
  • Small gathering 30 or fewer people;  If you want to reserve a section of the park for four hours you will need a permit  No deposit and no insurance is required.
  • Medium gathering 31-99 people  If you want to reserve a section of the park for four hours you will need a permit  With a $100 deposit and no insurance is required.
  • Large gathering 100-249 people There is a permit fee and $100 deposit is required, which will be returned if your guests do not damage the park. In addition, the permit holder must clean up all trash in the park in order to have their $100 deposit returned. Insurance is needed.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

6 Great Central Park Wedding Picnic Spots

  • 1.  Great Lawn: It is located mid-park between 79th St. and 85th St.

  • 2. Sheep Meadow: You can find Sheep Meadow between W. 66th and W. 69th St. 
    It is one of the park's eight designated a quiet zone .One can not play any music while you are there and you must wear headphones.
    3.  Belvedere Castle is located mid-park at 79th St.

  • 4. Great Hill:  Is the northern part of the park. Surrounded by elms, it is the only part of the park where you can enjoy your meal at a picnic table, and it also offers a public restroom. The area is located on the west side, between 103rd and 107th Streets. Enter at Central Park West and 106th St.

  • 5. Bow Bridge: Bow Bridge . The bridge is located mid-park around 72nd St.
    6. Pilgrim Hill  Behind the Pilgrim statue is a wonderful view of the Central Park Yacht Pond.  Entrance East 72nd street

Meet Our Picnic Partner... Luke's Lobster

Lobster Rolls are a New England tradition now adopted by New Yorkers with the help of  Luke Holden. For under $25.00 a person, you can afford to serve lobster roll meal at your wedding!
Traditional made with lots of mayonnaise  and celery as a filler. Luke's is loaded with 5 to 6 lobster claws adorned with a sprinkling of old bay spice and a swipe of mayonnaise.  

Perfect Location  The Central Park Model Yacht Club, or any where with a water view!
DIY Take out can be found at one of the three NYC Locations

To have us set up and style a  picnic for you  917 355 0689

Be Sure to Follow These Two Central Park Picnic Rules
1. Alcohol is prohibited un less bought and consumed at it.eateries within the park do sell beer and wine on premises, but you must consume alcohol where you buy it.o

2. Grilling or Barbeque (or any other activity that involves fire) is banned in the parks.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Perfect Insulated Picnic Bags for a Central Park Wedding!

These are just so cute and the perfect keepsake for your guests.
I have used them as welcome bags as well. $7.50 each
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Elope In New York City.. The Top 10 List

1. Find a location for your ceremony. If you will have more than 20 people in your wedding party, you may need a permit for most outdoor locations.

2. Contact a New York State licensed wedding officiate to secure a date and time for your ceremony.

3. Bring your personal identification.  A valid driver's license, a non-driver's identification card, learner's permit (NY State only), Active Duty United States military identification card, valid passport, U.S. Certificate of Naturalization, valid U.S. Permanent Resident card, valid U.S. Employment Authorization card, birth certificate and divorce papers if applicable.

Decide if you will change your name. Check our name change options on the Office of the City Clerk's official website.

5.  Purchase a $35 money order or a credit card to pay for the marriage license.

6.  Go to any NYC City Clerk's Office with your partner to apply in person for your marriage license 24 hours before the ceremonyThe license is valid for 60 days.

7.Choose two legal witnesses over 18 years of age.
Your Photographer and Wedding Planner can stand in for you

Sign your marriage license along with the witnesses and wedding officiate in black ink only. Include the official date and time.

Write down the issue information including the number, date and time located in the top right corner of the marriage license for your records.

10.  Have the wedding officiate make a copy of the license and Email it to you They will mail it in the self-addressed envelope provided by the City Clerk's Office within 5 days of the ceremony. In 2-3 weeks  the license will be  mailed back to you. 

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How To Get Married At The Brooklyn Bridge Park

 There is a new non-refundable fee of $400 for wedding ceremonies held at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

- Wedding ceremonies can be held at the 

-Pier 1 

-Waterfront Promenade/Granite Prospect

=Empire Fulton Ferry boardwalk M
-Main Street pebble beach only.

FEE: A $426 non-refundable site fee for all wedding ceremonies, 

Only 2 wedding permits are issued per location per day: one between 8am and 2pm, another between 2pm and 8pm.

- No equipment can be used for weddings at Brooklyn Bridge Park  No staging, microphones, tables, podiums, tents, or amplified music.

- A maximum of 5 folding chairs can be brought for elderly or infirm guests.

- Wedding ceremonies cannot exceed 1.5 hours and may have a maximum of 100 guests.

- Pier 1 waterfront promenade: weddings must occur as a standing event and may only be held on the southern section of the Granite Prospect

 At all times a path must be maintained on the waterfront promenade that allows for through access by the general public.
Photo by

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Riverside Park - Weddings At The 79th Street Boat Basin

Riverside Park
In the 1870s Frederick Law Olmsted was in the midst of designing a lovely green space above the Hudson River on the Upper West Side of Manhattan — Riverside Park.  Today, the Park we enjoy is more than 330 acres of beautiful parkland from 59th to 155th Street. Each of the levels has a distinct character and hosts specific activities.

Strollers particularly enjoy the volunteer-maintained gardens at 83rd Street, 

The Garden People’s plantings at 91st Street and the allĂ©e of sycamore and London Plane-trees from 101st to 110th Street.
 A community garden inside the park at 138th Street delights those who discover it. 
The 79th Street Boat Basin, the view's the thing—especially the view of the sun as it gorgeously sinks behind the Palisades every clear night. This is the Upper West Side's unofficial summer HQ, full of grill smoke and dogs on leashes and babies in carriages.
 It's loud, Fun  and the food is basic BBQ.

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Romantic Central Park Weddings On LuxuriousWedding

Luxurious Wedding Featured Event Planner
Nancy Swiezy's Romantic Central Park Weddings

Elope, renew your vows or get engaged with style and glamour in New York City.

Nothing says Romance more than Central Park in any season and Nancy Swiezy will create the magical backdrop for your special occasion.
If you want your wedding to be easy. If you have thought about eloping but.... you can't imagine doing without all those special wedding details that you have dreamed about since you can remember.

Close your eyes and imagine that your wedding was a location shoot for a movie. Complete with the Director, Officiant, the couture bridal bouquet and boutonniere. Your personal Paparazzi hovers behind a tree snapping away while your Cinematographer films and captures the memories in real time. Musicians provide the acoustical ambiance. Everything is in place. No detail has been overlooked.

On any given day of the week, Nancy Swiezy, creates wedding magic and milestones in Central Park and hundreds of other charming locations around New York City. For the just two of you or invite your family and friends if you like. Of course, Nancy always has an equally romantic Plan B in place for rain days in the Big Apple.

A Central Park Biking Wedding

Our Photographer Asia Czapia took this charming shot of her wedding couple on a Central Park bike ride!

Where can one rent bikes? Here are a few...

Photo by Asia 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Romantic New York City Weddings -The New York Aquarium

Re Opening on May 25,2013
Seven months after suffering damage from Superstorm Sandy, the New York Aquarium is pleased to announce a partial reopening of its 14-acre campus. Back in working order are Grover’s Reef, exhibitions in Conservation Hall, the outdoor spaces of Sea Cliffs (including walrus, sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters and penguins) as well as a newly remodeled Aquatheater that features a new sea lion demonstration. 
No Better way to support New York City!

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Romantic New York City Weddings - A Time Square Broadway Wedding At Duffy Square

What could be more romantic than getting married on the Ruby Glass Steps at the Crossroads of the World.
Duffy Square is the northern triangle of Times Square in Manhattan New York City. It is located between 45th and 47th Streets, Broadway & 7th Avenue.

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